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Heart and Stroke Course Breakdown

Visit 's chart of the course options is a very, very, very clear breakdown of what courses are offered by, renewal timeframes and which ones to take in what order.

Clinical Guideline

COVID CPR Algorithm PDF by Heart and Stroke


Summary of adjustments to CPR algorithms in suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients.

Modification to Public Hands-Only CPR during the COVID-19 pandemic


" .. Note: These recommendations are intended for public/bystanders. If you are a healthcare professional, please refer to the fundamental CPR knowledge you learned from your certification course with the additional directions from your institutions during COVID-19.


The recommendations ... are based on expert opinion. They will reduce the risk of the public responder getting the virus from the person when providing CPR and using an AED during cardiac arrest.


Service is HeartAndStroke's Lifesaving course finder (All of Canada)


This is the course finder for all of Canada. The interface and database underwent a redesign recently and is really intuitive and informative. There is lots of COVID savvy advice freely available on this excellent lifesaving portal.

COVID Savvy Heart and Stroke Interim Courses & Virtual Offerings


"..During this time of crisis, Heart & Stroke is making new course types available as a temporary measure to respond to requests from healthcare partners in helping them maintain the capacity of healthcare services to essential and critical areas during COVID-19. Our objective is to ensure that through virtual means, healthcare providers can be quickly and effectively trained to be ready to work in needed healthcare services.."

Undefined 15 minute BLS Video 2020


If you are overdue for your BLS and about to enter into a situation where you think that it will be needed here is a very thoughtful review that is fifteen minutes long to temporize until you can effectively recertify.

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