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In the fall of 2022, The Manitoba based IT consortium behind, and, and launched the website in partnership with The Section on General and Family Practice (SGFP) of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA). 

Our group won a competitive bidding process because we could provide a solution that no one else could. The site, like, is based on the KTE engine developed at the University of Manitoba. This product has been marketed successfully across Canada and is fulfilling the knowledge synthesis and knowledge translation needs of clients around the world.

With the addition of this client, 2023 marks a new milestone for our consortium. The KTE engine is bringing in more net revenue for the University of Manitoba than the University is spending on contract-based services for its various installations of this product. This is not to mention the dozens of IT service providers in Manitoba who now benefit from the net influx of development dollars.

Posted: December 20, 2022
Regions: Ontario
Tags: Partnerships, Communities of Practice

Author: Greg Van de Mosselaer | Posts


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