Orientation: Adding your academic user activities

Orientation: Adding your academic user activities


Team: ePF Orientation
Posted on November 10, 2015


Orientation: Adding your academic user activities

Team: ePF Orientation

Date: This is not a timed event.


All academic activities other than publications are entered on http://manitobacpd.com/user_activities when you are logged in.

Here is a list of the items you can add to the page..

  • Administrative service for university
  • Administrative service for professional body
  • Administrative service for health authority 
  • Clinical service
  • Teaching didactic non university affiliated
  • Teaching didactic university affiliated
  • Teaching bedside
  • Scholarly grant funding
  • Scholarly clinical trial participation
  • Scholarly presentation
  • Scholarly supervision of student or research trainee
  • Scholarly award or honour
  • Scholarly new license
  • Scholarly new patent
  • Scholarly poster
  • Scholarly abstract
  • Scholarly book or chapter authorship
  • Scholarly media authorship or contribution
  • Scholarly journal review
  • Scholarly grant review
  • Scholarly other activity

The dates you add for these activities get considered when the system complies an ePF report for you. This way if you have an activity that spans several ePF cycles it will keep showing up in your ePF reports automatically where the dates overlap. This saves you LOTS of time.

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