Team: Pediatrics Performance Feedback


This Pediatrics Team has been created to coordinate the Performance Review reporting for the Department of Pediatrics, University of Manitoba. It is comprised of over 100 members who, through the use of this website, are able to add information regarding their academic, clinical, teaching and administrative contributions.

Once added to the system, you can scope the data to the team or the individual, allowing for generation of ePF's. Information and templates stay from year to year, making updating your ePF an easy task.

Preparing your ePF

Preparing your ePF is a four or five step process, depending on your preference.

1. Visit the ePF report generation page to create and fill out baseline information.

2. Add your User Activities; roles and activities in each pillar that can be identified under the available headers.

3. Use these PubMed import tools to search and import your publications. If added by hand, please use the same template.

4. Back on your ePF report generation page  look over your report and choose the ePF PDF print button to receive a PDF of your report. If complete, save and send this document to your section head/department head.

5. You have the option to download your Canadian Common CV as an HTML and then upload it into this site. After, you can click and choose ingredients from the CC CV to save these as User Activities. Once saved as user activities, activities would show up in an ePF report.

Some of our members who have very large Common CV dossiers have used the Common CV importer to import and synchronize hundreds of deliverables at a time. So if you have a large Common CV dossier you should upload this first before entering any information by hand as it will save you substantial time.

Visit the ePF Orientation Team .. for a primer on how to use this site to enter your activities and complete your ePF.

 The site administrator can be approached for user advice with the click of a button. Inge Zeldenrust,, and Sheryl Dayrit,, will be glad to assist with any content questions or feedback you might have. Please do not hesitate to email us your comments.

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