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Emergency Medicine Research team is located in the University of Manitoba, Department of Emergency Medicine.

The research team is fascinated with core Emergency Medical research. We are involved in pushing the envelope by co-developing, utilizing and sharing novel online research collaboration implements such as em2research.com

In this way the tooling of our research is not unlike the research itself.

Currently EM2research.com and ManitobaCPD.com exist as separate web applications.

Work is underway to merge EM2research.com database tables with ManitobaCPD.com.

As such development on EM2research.com has shifted towards making it compliant with ManitobaCPD.com back end user base.

This page will update when the 2 web applications are working off the same user base.

To figure out how to use EM2Research.com visit this teams VIDEO DEMO orientation page.



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Location: 770 Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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