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This Team is comprised of the Core Developers of ManitobaCPD.com and their partners. The Core Development Group Team is where all iterative development of this Web Application gets discussed and planned. This is also where all orientation materials regarding the use of web application can be found.

What's the Price

Membership in ManitobaCPD.com is free and it is sponsored by Manitoba Health. 

What We Do

ManitobaCPD.com is a CPD portal web site with a strong social networking emphasis. It has been developed under the supervision of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba. It is a 'Made in Manitoba' solution that draws from local programming talent both inside the University of Manitoba and the private sector. It is wholly owned by the University of Manitoba.

Our Goals

The main goal of ManitobaCPD.com is to improve the delivery of CPD to health professionals in Manitoba be they rural, northern or urban. It is built on a social networking platform custom designed for the needs of health practitioners. It provides reusable generic CPD tools that are commonly required by any health care organization in the discharge of its day to day CPD delivery tasks so that these individual organizations do not have to endure the cumbersome and at times defeating task of producing these tools themselves. As such, ManitobaCPD.com does not produce content. It hosts content and supports the users that produce it in a secure yet flexible way.

This application is designed around the realization that every health practitioner is a both an educator and a learner. ManitobaCPD.com provides you with a solution that recognizes and supports this reality. You can use ManitobaCPD.com to find, manage and track your own learning activities while reaching out to others in areas that you excel at, all in one common interface. 

We are *AGILE*

ManitobaCPD.com follows the AGILE approach to software development which emphasizes frequent, small evolutionary modifications to the web application. It follows the '80/20' rule. If the feature you are requesting is generic enough that it will benefit 80% of the users or teams  then ManitobaCPD.com will likely put it into the web application's codebase, often in the same week. This means that your feature requests are taken seriously and will have a real chance of entering production quickly if they are good suggestions.

Join Us!

ManitobaCPD.com is eager to get all members of the Manitoba medical community involved and engaged in this project.

Partner With Us!

We are built to scale flexibly. We provide SaaS (Software as a Service) deployments, hosting and training to medical organizations across Canada at a price that is far less than the cost of an in house solution. Organizations are finding that they can save on years of development and maintanence costs while getting a field tested solution in place rapidly and effectively to their front line providers. 

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