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This team maintains the amenity info pages for conference and meeting attendees who are attending from out of town.

This way when you host an event you do not have to re-create the info about

  • what restaurants are good,
  • how to get a cab,
  • what sites to see (etc)

When creating a content page you need to set the type to "Resource" this is how ManitobaCPD.com knows to make it an optional content ad on when you are editing your registrable conference/event.

The content is held here and you can just link to it in when building your conference/event to pull in its content.

What content get pulled into my conference/event page?..

  • The description area
  • All links (very useful - don't overlook )
  • All documents that are classed public (very useful - don't overlook )

For more info on using these resources or to inquire about collaborating you can contact the team admin using the admin tab above.


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