Orientation: Set up your department to use DaME (Departmental accreditation Management Engine)


Team: ePF Orientation
Posted on November 18, 2015


Orientation: Set up your department to use DaME (Departmental accreditation Management Engine)

Team: ePF Orientation

Date: This is not a timed event.


ManitobaCPD.com can host an unlimited number of Teams.

Teams have evolved into an easy want to track and facilitate different activities. For instance CHIMB.ca and TREKK.ca (which share the same source code kernel called 'KTE1'  as ManitobaCPD.com) have made heavy use of the teams structure to host their sub-platforms.

Teams can have an unlimited number of members and pages, They and can control access to these pages which can host, documents, video feeds, chat groups and a number of other services.

An increasing number of teams such as emergencycepd and pediatric-department-academic-reporting-team are turning to ManitobaCPD.com for their scholarly reporting management using a module called DaME (Departmental accreditation Management Engine).

The KTE1 engine that powers ManitobaCPD.com has an rich set of research focused tools that assist with coordination and reporting for teams.

These tools are custom built with accreditation and personal academic promotion in mind.


How does it work?

1) Ask the folks at ManitobaCPD.com/contact to set up your team.

2) Get everyone in your department to go to: https://manitobacpd.com/users/new to sign up and start adding all their academic activities via their dashboard. (ManitobaCPD.com has +1000 members so chances are that many of them are already members)

3) Then go to your admin tab on your team and start creating and populating"User Pools" for the various sub-groups in your team. For instance Pediatrics has a pool of Infectious Disease staff, a poll of Nephrology staff, a pool for their EM docs, etc.

4) Visit your research tab (only visible to admins) on your team and 'voila' - there is all your data. There are even one click data exports buttons that can compile your team's activities into accreditation compliant reports.

.. that's it. You are done.


The quality of your team's academic data depends on 1) the input of your members and 2) your ability to keep your team's user pools up to date and accurate. If you keep these in 2 things humming we'll handle the rest and you will be satisfied with the results.

If your users don't like to type - encourage them to upload their CommonCV profiles via their dashboard. ManitobaCPD.com supports the importing of data from CommonCV XML files.

Publications are shared. This means if one publication is common to 4 of your members it need only be entered once of those members. Other members can discover the existing publication and link to it. This saves them time and builds metadata about cross linkages within and between teams for you.

If you have members who are not always compliant in reporting their academic activities your research staff can assist in the data entry. This is something they are probably already doing as part of their day-to-day activities. Their jobs can become a lot easier thanks to ManitobaCPD.com's growing suite of tools.

Value added features

You can bundle together feeds of your data. For instance this page on umanitoba.ca is really just a feed of data from http://embed.manitobacpd.com/publications which in turn is an embedding optimized version of http://manitobacpd.com/publications

Journal data "self-assembles" when you or your members add publications using our PMID (PubMed) importer. Journal names are pulled in automatically and your publications are linked to existing matching journal records. A rich database about "what journals are my team members active in" assembles on its own. You get to report all of this data as though you spent days collating it when, in fact, it took you no time at all.

While you are using your team for research coordination why not mix in some CEPD coordination. We have great calendaring and event management tools. We can even run whole conferences on the site such as EMPAC.net including online registration and payment.