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This is a followup news letter to inform you of where to find the slides related to EMPAC 2018 and how to generate your records of attendance. You can access the slides here.

The password is EMPAC2018 (case sensitive).

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EMPAC 2018 Slides

You can access the slides here.

Warning - Some of these are large files.

Do not access them via your smartphone unless you have a good data plan or are on Wifi.

The password is to open these is EMPAC2018 (case sensitive).


Steps to generate your EMPAC 2018 Certificate of Attendance

( if you did not receive your credits in the mail or need to regenerate them in the future access them by following these instructions.. )

1) log in to

2) visit

3) Find EMPAC 2018

4) Click on the link that says "eMail me my credits as a PDF" or if you want to view and print click right on the "PDF" link



team: EmergencyCEPD